When I Pulled over

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Yesterday one of my friends asked me if someone has ever done something for me just out of love and care. And instantly, the face of this officer I had met two years back popped in my mind.

I clearly remember to this day when I suddenly noticed a cop car pulling behind me. In the car with me were my three-year-old son and a few months old daughter. I saw the officer getting out of his car and walking towards mine as I took out my license. I rolled down my window and showed him my license along with other papers.

But to my surprise, he said, “I am not here for this, Ma’am. Are you aware of the state of tires of the vehicle you are driving? Do you know that they need to be replaced or they could blow out anytime?”

I actually had known about this for quite a long time now. Embarrassed, I nodded my head in a yes and said, “Officer, I am running short on money right now. But I promise to get them fixed as soon as possible.”

Photo on istockphoto

He glanced over my sheet and said, “No ma’am. You car is getting new tires today. I can’t let you drove with these two beautiful children around the city like this.”

Despite my saying no many times, he convinced me to follow him to a nearby automobile repair shop.

I thanked this man hundreds of times. And the most overwhelming part was that he did not want anything in return. He did what he did out of the concern and selfless love.

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