What is more Important?

What is more Important?

Last year my friend hurt herself, and I had to accompany her to the hospital. The doctor who came to see her looked in his late 50s, and he was quite gentle as well as soft-spoken.

He examined her hand and told that it was only a hairline fracture near her wrist. And that’s why her hand had to be plastered for a month or two. He explained that her bones, with the help of medicines, would heal themselves.

I must say that he managed to assure my friend that everything was fine. She seemed more relaxed.

Then the doctor said, “But how did you hurt yourself in the first place?”

My friend replied, “Oh, I was trying to protect my mobile phone. It slipped out of my hands, and in an attempt to catch it before it hit the ground, my wrist got twisted,” smiled and added with a hint of triumph in her voice, “And I saved my phone. Yay!” and threw her one hand in the air as if she had won some battle.

The doctor let out a burst of laughter and said, “Well, congratulations. But, just out of curiosity, what do you think is more important? Your hand or your mobile phone?”

She was dumbstruck by this question. The doctor was looking at her for the answer, and she was looking at me. Unfortunately, till that time, it had not occurred to me too. It had not occurred that how alarming it was that my friend had hurt herself in an attempt to save her mobile phone.

Has it happened to you ever? I mean to save the gadgets like mobiles and laptops, would you risk or have you ever risked your safety?

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