Washed Clothes

washed clothes

A newly married couple bought a new house in the capital of India- New Delhi. The next morning after they moved into their new home, they were sitting in their drawing room enjoying their morning tea. From where they were seated, they could see through their window.

The wife saw the neighbor putting out her washed clothes on the rope to dry.

The wife said with a face, “How dirty are her clothes? It looks like she is in a hurry. What could be another reason for not washing clothes properly?”

The husband looked outside for a brief moment, and then without saying anything, he diverted all his attention back to the newspaper.

The next morning, the same thing happened.

“I guess she does not know how to wash clothes.” The wife taunted.

But the husband paid no heed to her comments.

This same thing kept happening for almost a week

One morning, they were sitting on their respective seats and having their morning tea.

The wife screamed with surprise, “Look, her clothes are finally clean. I think she has finally learned how to wash clothes.” and laughed sarcastically.

The husband folded his newspaper, looked at his wife, and said, “No, she has not done anything differently. I happened to wake up early this morning. So I decided to wash our dirty window.”

The wife was at a loss for words.

It is easy to point out faults in others. Isn’t it? But the world around you need not be at fault all the time. It may be your specs that need to be replaced.

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