Value of The 5 Bucks Watermelon – The lesson of life and death on the road trip

Photo by Artiom Vallat on Unsplash

Bob and Emma were on a road trip. The couple stopped at a store in the morning to pick some food items for the journey.

Bob wanted the big watermelon. Emma was not in favor, but Bob’s childlike stubbornness forced her to reconsider. She asked, “Why do you want to buy melon? You know we won’t be able to eat it — we like it cold.

Bob replied, “It costs 5 bucks. Don’t worry — let us buy it. If we can’t eat, we’ll throw it away.

Emma was unhappy, but they drove away. They stopped midway to enjoy nature, had excellent food at good roadside hotels, but the melon stayed in the car. In time, it did not stay cold either.

In the evening, while moving to a nearby hotel, Emma noticed the melon. She felt sad. Her face turned gloomy.

Bob could not understand her attachment to a mere watermelon. “Didn’t you enjoy the day? I mean, really? You want to cry over 5 bucks??

Emma replied, “It is not about the money.

Bob thought maybe she remembered some sad incident because of the watermelon.

He asked with concern, “Then what is your problem? It is just fruit. Throw it away. We don’t need something that stays on your mind and causes you pain.

Emma replied, “No, it is not about the fruit. You don’t understand. It is about the efforts, patience, and love it took to grow it. 
Only when you nurture a plant, you understand the agony of wasting it.
 Do you realize these plants give their lives for you to live?

Emma’s words touched Bob’s heart. He remembered that his wife belonged to an agricultural family. Who could better understand the pain of wasting food better than his wife?

He stopped the car on a side and picked up the melon from the back seat. A guy was sitting on the pavement. He looked weak and hungry.

Bob gave him the melon and said, “Today my wife taught me the value of life. Here, this is for you, my dear friend. I’m sure you will put it to good use.”

The guy was thrilled and thanked Bob. Bob saw the twinkle in his eyes. The first time, he understood the value of unconditional sharing. He felt his heart dancing with joy.

A fruit that meant nothing to him, meant everything to that hungry man at that moment.

Key Takeaways

The story teaches us three wonderful lessons.

  1. Cultivate the sensitivity to realize the value of the food you eat. 
    Someone dies for you to live.
    Don’t throw away anything just because you can afford it! Value life.
  2. Just a few bucks might mean nothing to you, but for someone else, it might be a matter of life and death!
    Value what you have, and if you don’t need something, give it away. 
    You will get lots of smiles and heartfelt thanks in return. The satisfaction you get will make you feel that life is truly worth living!
  3. Sharing is genuine love.


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