Train Diaries

Train Dairies

It happened last year when I was on my way to my friend’s house. I had boarded the train and went straight to my seat. A man in his 50s was sitting on the adjacent seat near the window, and a man along with an 18 years old boy was sitting on the front seat. A soon as the Train left from the station, I took out my novel and started reading it.

An hour passed, and the boy who was sleeping till now woke up. After a second or two, he jumped on his seat with excitement and shouted, “Dad, look trees!”

I was quite shocked to hear an 18-year-old boy shout with excitement and to tell his father about trees. I looked at the man sitting beside me, and he seemed equally surprised.

Nonetheless, I went back to reading. Hardly had any minute passed when the boy again shouted, “Dad, Are these trees running in the opposite direction?”

This time, I put aside my novel and looked at the father and son. The son was still peaking out of the window as if he was trying to break it open and fly. The father was sitting with an odd smile on his face.

I saw the boy shout one more time with a bout of excitement I had never seen before, “Dad, the clouds are running with us!”

That’s it. This was too much to ignore now. But before I could speak anything, the man sitting beside me spoke up, “Why don’t you get him treated. Take him to a good doctor. There is no shortage of good hospitals and doctors providing services in our country.”

The father replied with the same smile, “Actually, we are on our way home from a hospital. My son was born blind. We managed to get him eyes, and now he can see, for the first time in his life.”

The old man was out of words after hearing this, and so was I. I felt ashamed.

Don’t be in a hurry to judge people. You don’t know what others are facing or might have faced in the past. The conclusion we arrive is out of our limited perspective. 

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