Top 5 Motivational Stories

1. The Question of Destiny


Once a man came to a wise older man and said:

Do you think everything is predetermined? Do you believe that someone has already written the destinies?

The older man replied,

“It is. But only for the one who believes it. If people believe that someone has already written their life, their success, failure, and love, then they are indirectly accepting that they don’t want to be responsible for anything. Their life’s cart will go on. But similar to a cart pulled by bulls but not driven by a driver. So people who believe in destiny will go wherever the bulls of life and senses pull them.”

The man’s expressions conveyed that he had not excepted this answer. But he was not someone to give up so easily. He fired the next question,

“But wise people like you say that God knows everything. How does he know if it is not predestined?”

The wise man replied in the same bland tone, “Oh, I haven’t ever met God; neither he has ever asked me to live, teach, and say anything on his behalf.

But if he knows everything, then he must be bored by now; because my experience says that there is no fun in knowing everything beforehand. I very much love the way life is. Unpredictable and full of possibilities, suspense, and entertaining. It is like a game in which the player does not know about the next step.”

The man was not expecting this answer too. Though his expectations got destroyed that day, he was happy that he found a new way to live life.

Life is beautiful; the way it is. There is no fun in predicting the future.

The best way to live life is by accepting it as it comes and trying to achieve what you want in life simultaneously.

2. The Best Time of My Life

old women-

It was March 14, and in one week, I would be turning 30. It was huge and scary. I was skeptical about entering this new phase of life. I feared that the best time of my life was now behind me.

My daily routine included going to the office and after office going to yoga classes. Every evening I would see my friend Barbara. Barbara was 78 years old and full of life and energy. As I met her today, she noticed that I wasn’t myself on this particular day. She asked me what was wrong. I told her, “I am not happy about turning 30.” I did not feel good about life slipping that fast out of my hands. I wondered how would I feel once I reached Barbara’s age, so I asked her, “What was the best time of her life?”

Without hesitation, she replied, ” Well if you are that curious and if somehow my answer might help, then listen:

When I was a child, and everything was taken care of for me. My dad would take me to the beach, and mom would put me to bed and sing me lullabies. My grandparents would tell me stories every weekend. That, my friend, was the best time of my life.

I started going to school and met my friends every day. I learned new things every day, that was the best time. Then came a time when I had to leave my hometown for higher studies. At that time I tasted freedom as well as the responsibility for the first time. And that too was the best time.

When I worked hard for my dream job. I received appreciation for my efforts, that was the best time of my life. I fell in love with a boy, but my love life did not go as i wanted it. Still, it was the best time of my life. Then came the day, I walked down the aisle and saw the love of my life waiting for me with eyes full of tears of love, that was the best time.

I held my daughter in my arms in the maternity ward the first time after a long, long wait of 9 months, that was the best time. When I watched my children grow and turn into good human beings, that was the best time.

Now, Sansa, I am 78 years old, I have good health, a loving husband, caring children, and grandchildren. I think this is the best time of my life.”

3. The Parameters of Intelligence


A young graduate was desperately looking for a job. He saw an advertisement in a newspaper for the urgent requirement of an agent in a reputed insurance company. On the scheduled day, he, along with other candidates, arrived at the mentioned address on time for the interview. As luck would have it, he got selected for the job. And the panel asked him to provide his email address for completion of the formalities.

But he had never owned a computer nor an email.

He requested the HR, “Sir, I am the son of a fruit seller. My father paid my college fees with great difficulty. How could I ever ask him for more? I don’t have an email account, but I promise you that I’ll work hard and will never disappoint you.”

“If you don’t have an email account then you can’t get this job. Our company has some rules, and we won’t change for anyone.” The HR replied and appointed some other candidate instead of him.

He felt dejected like never before.

One day, his father fell ill, and he had to go and sell fruits in place of his father. With his extraordinary reasoning skills and intelligence, he sold his first stock within a few hours and repeated this process three times before the evening. By the end of the day, he had made a significant profit from his sales. He realized that he could make good money by selling fruits also.

He started to go out early and worked till late. Soon he had earned enough money to buy a truck and then a fleet of delivery vehicles. Within a short period of the next five years, he became one of the biggest fruit retailers in India.

One day, He decided to get life insurance for his family and set up a meeting with an insurance company. The manager of the insurance company himself came for the meeting. After the selection of the right plan, the manager asked him for his email to which he replied, “I don’t have an email.”

The manager said in astonishment, “You don’t have an email, and you are successful. Think if you had an email where would you have been today .”

He replied with a smile, “If I had an email then instead of buying insurance, I would have been selling one.”

Internet, Whatsapp, Email, Twitter are not the parameters of your skills and intelligence. You can use them as stairs for your growth, but the real talent lies within you.

Never get disappointed in life. You never know one end might be a new beginning.

4. An Eagle and A Snake


One day an eagle saw a snake crawling on the ground.

He came to the snake and whispered, “How sad! You can’t fly. Only if you had wings, you would know how it feels when the whole world lies under your feet.”

The snake smiled and said, “No, dear. You have no idea how delighted I feel when my skin touches this ground. From here, I can perceive the whole world. And who says that I can’t fly. I fly on the wings of my imagination and my dreams.

I visit the heavens on my free thoughts. You can fly at a limited speed. But my thoughts travel faster than the light. There is no such place that I have not visited on the wings of my imagination. Places you can’t even fly to with your wings. My soul is as free as my heart. I Know no limits or boundaries.

So dear friend, can you do that? I feel sorry for you.” and slithered away.

For the first time in life, the eagle was curious to feel what snake had said.

Never compare your life to others. We seldom understand the gifts of life. Explore your wings. They might not be in physical form, attached to your body.

But they exist. You have to discover them. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

5. A Homeless Boy and a Dog


Elvis arrived at an airport in Delhi, India. He rented a taxi from the airport to reach an address on time.

The streets of Delhi were busy, but it was not surprising as he had visited India many times in the past also.

His taxi stopped at a traffic signal, and Elvis’s gaze fell on a 10-year old boy. Soiled hair and brown face with big bewitching eyes, he was not wearing anything but a pair of trousers.

The boy slipped his right hand into his pocket and took out a sandwich and took a bite. Elvis was watching that boy when a dog came to him and wagged his tail. The boy understood that the dog was hungry. He, without any hesitation, split his sandwich in two and placed the bigger half on the ground for the dog.

The dog instinctively sniffed that piece of bread and then ate it swiftly. When the dog had eaten the food, the dog again looked at the boy and wagged his tail.

The boy understood that the piece was not enough to satisfy the hunger of the dog. He looked at his half and then looked at the face of the dog one more time. Then he patted the head of the dog gently and offered his half to the dog while murmuring something.

Elvis was still watching all this from a distance of a few meters from his taxi.

He felt a particular urge- an urge to go and help the boy. While he was still thinking of going and helping the boy, the boy looked at him and gave a smile. The signal turned green, and before he could think or do anything, his taxi drove off.

After a few hours, he reached his place of business. It was a big hall in a lavish building. He stood on a stage with a mike in his hand. Hundreds of people sat on the chairs and waited for him to speak. He started, “Once I read that a Sufi saint had said that he had many masters. And each one of them offered him valuable lessons.

Today I understood that he was right because today, on the bustling streets of this incredible city, I encountered a master. He was merely ten years old. Though I had decided to share my understanding of something else, I realized that it was not necessary anymore. Because that too will be just a piece of information without this lesson.

Let me share with you this encounter.

I truly believed that I was changing this world. But Unfortunately, that little master challenged me to question my beliefs.

While I sat in my cab, that little boy stood in this scorching heat and offered his food to a hungry dog. I thought about going and helping him. But unfortunately, I only thought, while he without a sign of hesitation, did what I thought.

He should be the one standing here and sharing his little secrets of love, compassion, and sharing with this whole world.

It made me question whether I am keeping up with my words of transforming this world, or I have collected a lot of knowledge and information to satisfy my ego.

Today I can share with you the most valuable lesson of my life-walk the talk.

Look inside yourself and question if you really walk your talk and if the answer is no, then start it from now on. Because the world is not going to change itself while we only gather more and more information on transforming it.”

After this day, Elvis was not the same person. Instead of teaching others, he started to go out and help the people in need.

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. “

That’s why be the kind of change you want to see in society.