The Yogi’s Shortcut to Quick Wealth – Story of the progressive farmer and his desire for a new house

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A farmer named Ram lived in a hut with his wife. The house had a single big hall and a small kitchenette. The bathroom was outside in the verandah.

To improve his living conditions, he worked hard on his fields every day. He wanted to enjoy the luxuries of life, and a bigger home was the first thing to do in his plan.

He brought some machinery and shifted to high-quality seeds to give him an excellent yield. However, he also knew that even with new technology, he would require at least three years to gather more money for building a bigger house.

He lost patience and became desperate. Three years seemed a lot of time for his dream dwelling.

One day, while going to the fields, he overheard someone saying, “Do you know that an old Yogi has visited the village. He is known for performing miracles. He makes people rich. I am not going to miss the chance to visit him.”

Ram thought, “Maybe this is my chance to transform my life too. Maybe my new house would be ready sooner now. God has heard my prayer. I will visit him, too.”

Ram went to meet the Yogi the next day.

He respectfully said, “Revered one, I come here with my problem. I am a farmer living with my wife in a small hut. I want to be prosperous and want a big home. What shall I do?”

Yogi said, “Why don’t you improvise on your ways of working? Isn’t it easy — more yield, more money?”

Ram said, “Dear sir! You are correct, and I have already purchased high-quality seeds and some machinery to help. But, I’m not happy with my one-room hut. Even after good yields, I will need three years to start building a new house. But, I want that quick.
I heard that you had transformed many lives. Please help me too. Is there a way out of my miseries? Can you make me rich?”

Yogi, with great love in his eyes, replied, “I see that you are already working hard. What we require here is a bit of luck. Do you own any cattle?”

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Ram nodded in affirmation with a glimmer in his eyes.

Yogi continued, “Cattles are pure love, and they bring a significant amount of luck. I can foresee that tomorrow is a lucky day for you. You keep your cattle, with you and your wife, beneath the same roof.

Come to me after two months. Let me know your progress then.”

Ram went home happily and told his wife about the predictions. The next day, Ram transferred his cows inside his home. He made a particular corner and took a great deal of pain to position them.

He changed his own space to sleep. He and his wife shifted to a corner in the room. His wife was irritated and frustrated to share the space with animals. It was difficult to bear the smell the whole day.

However, as time passed, things became more manageable, and they adjusted.

Ram went to the Yogi and told him about his situation. How he and his wife coped up, but now, they are doing just fine. He asked whether he will get money now.

Yogi said, “Did you keep all of them inside?”

Ram, after a minute, replied, “No, wise Yogi. I left the hens and sheep. I only placed cows inside.”

Yogi replied, “Now you know where the blessings are blocked. Place all of them with you. Don’t leave anyone outside your home. Come to me after another two months and let me know your progress.”

Poor Ram! He wanted the money badly, so he did as Yogi had suggested. Each day and night seemed like a living hell. Even a simple task of cooking and eating food seemed arduous. It exhausted Ram and his wife.

There was no room for the family. Both of them could not even sleep properly. Cow’s moos, sheep’s baa, and hen’s crow were making them crazy. Their hut smelled of cattle’s poop.

His wife started cussing Ram for his bizarre actions. The conflicts between them escalated. There was no peace in the house.

But Ram felt bound to his promise to the Yogi. Every day, he would count the days left for completing two months. Spending each day in that hut felt like a painful year.

Ram could bear no more. In just three weeks, he ran straight to Yogi and poured his heart out, “Revered one, I did everything as you told. I kept all my cattle in the hut, but this has become torturous. I can’t live like this. How can we live with our animals in my small place? 
My hut smells like an animal shed now. Nobody visits our house. My wife hates me, and friends ridicule me. Please do something. I can’t live like this.”

Yogi said, “Now, just do one more thing, and you will be rich.

Ram, with pleading cries, said, “Anything. But not this. I will rather die.”

Yogi said, “Ok then, now, place all of your cattle in their respective places.”

With a shine in his eyes and satisfaction and happiness in his heart, Ram went home and did the same. Once all the cattle were out, his hut became spacious, clean, and a beautiful place for him and his wife.

The wife took extra care to reposition everything in the house and make more space than ever for Ram and herself.

Ram understood the value of what he already owned. The earlier cramped one-room hut was now no less than a palace for him and his wife.

Ram got the wise Yogi’s message. He went to thank the Yogi, but by then, the wise man had already left the village.

He became grateful and started appreciating even the smallest of things. He led a fulfilled life hereon while working towards his goals.

Key Lessons

  1. Many realize the value of the gifts they already possess only after losing them. Don’t take things for granted. It is useful to progress in life, but it is imperative to value what you have right now. 
    Be grateful for what you possess today.
  2. Patience is the key to a happy life. While wholehearted efforts are essential for a better future, it takes time for them to bear fruit. Be patient and learn to put your energies in the right direction with dedication for achieving long term goals.
  3. Don’t be greedy. Greed is a great hindrance in life as a mean person takes foolish decisions. He ends giving up long term benefits for short term gains that causes more self-harm than good.


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