The Projector

late night

One day Sameer left his office late. At that hour of the night, there was no cab or taxi around. So he started walking towards his home. On his way to his house, suddenly, a thought hit Sameer.

A friend had informed him only two to three days back that the area near his office was not safe and prone to incidents like snatching and even kidnapping.

As soon as it occurred to him, he got terrified. His fear further shot up when he heard a group of people talking and laughing. Gradually, the sounds of chatting and laughing became louder as if the group was coming towards him only. He thought, “What if this is the same infamous group my friend told me about?”

He looked around to find something to hide. Though he did not find any place to hide, he saw a wall that was hardly 6 feet high.

Only God knows where Sameer got the strength to climb the wall. He jumped over to the other side.


He was trembling with fear when he discovered that the other side of the wall was a cemetery.

But the cemetery did not scare him as much as the presence of that group whom he still could hear talking.

Unfortunately for Sameer, that group saw him jumping the wall. They came running through the gate of the cemetery and caught Sameer.

After they had taken over Sameer, and Sameer was in no condition to move, one of the men asked, “Who are you? Why did you jump in the cemetery?”

Another man said, “I think he is a thief. Let’s hand him over to the police. Police will take care of him.”

Sameer was stunned. The group he was thinking to be a group of thieves and kidnappers considered Sameer a thief.

Before he could explain anything, one of the men had already called the police. The police came and arrested Sameer on suspicion of being a thief. Though police later released Sameer after finding out the whole story.

Isn’t it happening with us?

The mind projects things worse than they are. And sometimes it lands us in trouble which was not supposed to cross paths with us.

Beware of such false projections.

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