The Monday Motivation

The Monday Motivation

This incident happened ten years back. I had hired a cab to reach my office that day.

As soon as I got in the cab, the driver turned on the radio.

I vaguely remember that our conversation started on a song and its singer. From there, our conversation took a turn and arrived at the political scenario of the country and then the recent amendments.

Getting straight to my point, somewhere in between our conversation, I asked him, “So which day in the week is most rewarding for you as a cab driver?”

His answer was Monday. After a brief pause, he added, “But I don’t work on Mondays.”

It was a little surprising and odd for me. So I asked the driver his reason.

He answered, “Sir, where my wife works, they don’t have an off on Saturdays or Sundays. She has an off on Monday. That’s why I also don’t work on Mondays. If I can’t spend time with my wife, then I think all the money and hard work is a waste.”

I was startled. All those speakers whom I binge-watched repeatedly on a loop, ‘Make your health your priority. Make your family your priority.’

Here I was sitting stressed and overworked. I had no time- no time for health and no time for family.

And this cab driver was already doing what I was planning to do in the future.

I thought if he could consider his most rewarding day when he spends time with his wife, why can’t I? I thanked the driver multiple times.

At that point, I discovered that it is possible to live your dream life. All of those things I was planning for the future were possible in my present too.

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