The Luckiest Day

One morning Natasha woke up and told her husband, “Sunny, I dreamt this night that you gifted me a diamond necklace.”

She continued, “What could this dream mean?”

Sunny replied, “Right now, I am getting late for office. But you will find out soon.” and left.

That evening, Sunny came home early from the office. He looked ecstatic and had a gift in his hand. He hugged Natasha and said with excitement, “Guess what? I got a promotion. And here is a gift for you.” and handed over the gift to Natasha.

Natasha could not believe her ears. She started jumping with excitement and thanked God and Sunny.

The gift was still in her hands, and she was dying to find out what it was.

 She sat on the chair and started unwrapping the gift in anticipation.

“This is the luckiest day of my life. Dreams do come true.” She thought while still unwrapping the gift carefully.

In the next few seconds, the golden wrapper was on the ground, and Natasha held the gift in her hands.

The gift was a book with the title “Read dreams like an expert.”

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