The Larger Picture

The Larger Picture

One day two friends were walking down a street. One of them was a priest, and the other was a doctor.

The doctor was very upset about the increasing crime in the society.

He said to the priest, “You put so much time and energy in teaching people about good deeds and showing them the right path. In fact, you have renounced everything to walk on this path. Don’t mind my friend, but I think you are just wasting your time and life. Just look around. The crimes and violence are on the rise, and people are evil. I don’t think your Gita, Bible or any Gospel has done any good.”

The priest listened patiently to what his friend had to say and smiled.

When they had come a little further; the priest saw that a man was lying on the side of the road. The man seemed as if he was in pain. The priest pointed towards the man and said to his doctor friend, “I see that medicine and medical science has not done anything for the world either. There are people still suffering. What do you think?”

The doctor got defensive as if someone has raised a finger on his existence itself and said, “What are you talking about? Medicines are only useful when you take them. And doctors can only help sick people when they go to them.

You have no idea how many sick people medicines and doctors have healed. If you will only consider people who are suffering right now and have not taken any medical help until now, then it would be unfair and stupid. Consider people whom doctors and medicine have brought back from the brink of death.”

The Larger Picture

The priest said, “You are right, my friend. We should not only consider people who are suffering right now and have not sought any help yet. But the real meaning lies in considering people who have been healed already. And that’s a big number because that’s every person on this earth. And the same goes for the efforts of every priest, pastor, or whatever you call him.”

Sometimes, the events happening all around the world may demotivate you. But at that moment, look at the bigger picture. There may be people who intentionally or unintentionally may be working against the good of humanity. But look around, and you will find millions of people who are kind and compassionate. Don’t let a handful of people discourage you because they are still suffering or sick. To end their suffering, there is only one way- to show them the right path.

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