The Elixir of Immortality

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There lived a king named Aditya in ancient India. He was powerful and had extended his territory and lived a life full of comfort and pleasures. There was nothing left that he wanted to accomplish in life except one thing that kept bugging him day and night. He knew that his death was fast approaching, and soon, he would be forgotten like everyone else. He did not want him and his name to fade out eventually in the dust of time.

One day, he ordered his ministers to go out in search of someone who could give the ‘Elixir of Immortality’ to him. Ministers roamed the forests, hills, and mountains for many months, and, one odd day, they found a saint. The saint’s aura was peaceful, and he looked like he knew the secrets of life.

The ministers requested the saint to come with them to meet the king. After much requests, the saint came to meet Aditya and said, “What do you want, Aditya? You are a king. What has made a king request a poor man?”

Aditya bowed to the saint and said, “I have won many battles, but I know that I can’t win the ultimate one with death. Honestly, I am scared of death. I am scared that even after achieving so much, I will also meet the same fate as everyone else. I don’t want to die like this. In fact, I want to live forever. You are a Saint and know everything. You must know something that can take away my mortality and bless me with immortality.

The saint laughed and said, “There is sure a way to live for an eternity. Your body is bound to decay because it is its very nature. But there is a way every man can live, even after his death. And the simplest way is to do something that people can’t forget- to do something generations to come can remember. This way, you can live for centuries.”

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Aditya thought for a second and said, “I have won many wars.”

The saint replied, “But many before you have won wars. Many to come yet will be victorious. Wars involve violence and deaths. Nothing of this makes you special in the eyes of common people. Think beyond possession and material aspects of life.”

Aditya again tried to think but could not come up with anything.

The saint replied, “There is one thing that could touch the lives of hundreds of people. It is not money; it is not power; it is certainly not violence. It is LOVE. Love is the most powerful, and the impact it has on lives is beyond measure. Being kind is loving. So be kind, be gentle, be compassionate, and be loving. And you will live forever in the hearts of the people.”

It stunned Aditya, but it made perfect sense. That day onward, Aditya knew only one language, and this was the Language of Love.

Love is a language that could be understood even by the deaf ears. You don’t speak a word, but people listen. All you have to do is open your heart. A life lived full of love is a life truly lived. Everything else is worthless.


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