The Cure for Princess

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A long time ago, there lived a king in South India. He was fair and generous. The king had a daughter whom he loved very much. His wife had died two years back because of an incurable disease. Since then, his daughter became the only reason the king woke up every day.

But unfortunately, one day the daughter fell ill too. Later it was found that she was suffering from the same disease her mother died of. The king had many doctors in his court, but as feared, none could find the cure that time too.

Everyone in the king’s court had lost all the hope when a man told the king’s most trusted and senior-most minister about a cure.

Though the cure sounded bizarre at first, the minister decided to give it a try.

On the king’s permission, the minister ordered the soldiers, “We have found a cure for the disease our princess is suffering from. Someone has assured me that the shirt of a contented man can heal the princess. There are hundreds of men in our kingdom who have riches beyond one can imagine. They live in the utmost luxury and have everything. With that much money, comfort, and luxury, I am sure that many of them would be contented. Go and get a shirt as soon as possible.”

After a long wait of three months, the troops returned. But they hadn’t brought even a handkerchief, let alone the contented man’s shirt.

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Surprised, the minister asked, “Why you came back empty-handed? Could you not find even a single man on this earth who seemed contented?”

The soldiers replied, “We did find a contented man, Sir.”

The minister inquired, “Then? Why did you not bring his shirt? Don’t you remember the princess is sick? It was about just one shirt.”

They replied, “But sir, he was sitting under a tree and was not wearing any shirt.”

The inner riches have nothing to do with the outer riches. Some people live in forts, castles, and villas and are still the most miserable men on the planet. And some people may not own much, but they are satisfied and contented in every real sense.

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