The Art of Complaining

Once a farmer named Ramu lived in a village in northern India. It was the month of July, and Monsoon had just paid a visit to Northern India. Every single pothole had turned into a pool brimming with the rainwater.

Ramu had to go to the market to sell the season’s harvest and buy the seeds for the coming harvest season. He packed his grain in the large sacks, loaded them on his cart, and set out for the market.

On his way, suddenly, one wheel of his cart got stuck in the mud.

Ramu’s bulls tried and tried but could not pull the cart out of the mud. At last, Ramu had to get down of the cart. He waited there for someone to come and help him. But it was a somewhat secluded road.

In frustration and anger, he hit the cart and cursed God, “Why does it have to happen to me? Why can’t you just let anything good happen?”

Ramu kept cursing again and again until God himself appeared in front of him and asked him what was wrong.

Ramu was little taken aback first as he hadn’t anticipated that it could happen. But he gathered some courage and said, “My cart got stuck in the mud. I can’t find anyone to help me. I am getting late for the market. If I don’t reach the market on time, then I would not be able to sell my grain today. I always pray, but it seems to me that you don’t care about me anymore. Why?”

God let out a sigh and asked, “Did you try to push your cart out of the mud?”

Ramu, “What! But I can’t push my cart out alone. I am certainly going to need help. “

God, “How do you know this? Did you even give it a try before complaining and cursing.”

Ramu was speechless. It hadn’t occurred to him to try to push the cart himself. He tried to think of something, but not even one of his excuses made sense now.

After a brief pause, he bent down, put both his hands on the cart, signaled the bulls, and pushed the cart simultaneously. Within a few minutes, the carriage was out of the mud.

He was surprised as well as ashamed. Only if he had tried instead of complaining, then he would have reached the market by that time.

Nevertheless, he had learned his lesson. He thanked God with folded hands and asked for forgiveness.

Stop complaining and start taking responsibility. When you face any challenge, then instead of asking, “Why me?”, Thank God for giving you another opportunity to learn something new, to try something new. Challenges and hurdles are not there to stop you but to provide you with one more chance to grow. So stop complaining and whining and start saying, “Thank you for one more opportunity.”

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