Rendezvous with Rehman

Rendezvous with Rehman

In the morning, I reached university as usual on time and locked my bike outside the campus. When I came out this evening, there was no sign of my bike anywhere.

First, I was too shocked to think anything, but after a while, it hit me that I should go and check in the CCTV cameras.

When I was about to go back inside, I saw a man coming towards me and waving at me at the same time.

To my utter surprise, he had my bike. I was somewhat relieved, but at the same time, I had hundreds of questions in mind.

After thanking God and checking my bike for any scratches or any other damage, I started firing questions at him, “Who are you? Why do you have my bike? What were you doing with it? I had put a lock on it, so how did you access it?”

The man, still standing calm and composed, answered with a smile, “My name is Rehman. I had come outside when I noticed a homeless man cutting your bike’s lock with a bolt. When I inquired him about who’s bike was this, he ran away without answering. That’s why I had taken it inside the campus where it was safe.”

I did not have words to thank him. But I still tried and asked him if I could take him for dinner. He agreed, and we went to a nearby Chinese restaurant. Later I also found out that Rehman had waited 2 hours for me outside the campus.

The world needs more people like Rehman. People who act selflessly make this world a better place, and I am thankful to God for gifting world such beautiful souls.

And hence, I learned the new mantra — “Love more, Judge less!

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