One Night Guest

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Oliver, in his seventies with his wife, Emily, lived near a forest in their house. One night a stranger knocked on their door. Oliver found out that the man was on a trekking expedition, and because it was too cold outside, he needed someplace to stay for the night.

Oliver invited the man inside who later introduced himself as Eddie.

Not only generous, but Oliver was also lively and friendly. Moreover, the new guy, Eddie, was fun to talk to and had quite a knowledge about politics, culture, and had a keen interest in God and psychology.

Just when everything was going fine, Oliver found out that Eddie had opposing views on politics and God.

What seemed to be a friendly exchange of beliefs soon turned into a heated and awkward argument.

When Oliver was out of logic and rationality, he showed Eddie the door to outside.

After Eddie was gone, Emily confronted Oliver about what just happened. She said, “It was highly uncalled for what you did with your guest.”

Oliver tried to brush it off, “Didn’t you hear his views. He was just an ungrateful man. I don’t like such people. I don’t like how they think, and my house is not open to them.”

Emily replied, “But I have been with you for the past forty years, even though you have differing beliefs and views. And you could not keep up with a man just for a night!

Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash

Only if everyone behaved like you, Oliver, I don’t think any relationship, however trivial or essential, could survive.”

This is true. You won’t find even one person in this entire world who will agree with you on everything.

Patience and freedom is the key to any fruitful relation. Patience to endure what you don’t like and freedom so that other humans can be what they want to be. We are all unique and hence different. We can’t expect people to think and behave the same as we do. Ending a relationship just because someone has opposing views will be stupid and sad. Don’t be so rigid about your opinions and beliefs. Understand that people and relationships are more important.

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