My Grandmother’s Funeral

Photo by Kerri Shaver on Unsplash

My grandmother, whom we lovingly called Grammy, died last year. I had spent most of my childhood with her. Perhaps that’s why she held a special place in my life. 

When I heard the news that Grammy was no more with us, it devastated me. I took the next flight and reached grammy’s house so I could see her for the one last time and say goodbye.

On the day of the funeral, everyone gathered to pay their respect. I was feeling nauseous, so I stood a few feet away from the burial place. Suddenly I heard people laughing. 

First, I could not understand what was so funny, but just then I noticed my cousin Berry coming. I could not believe my eyes. He had a bouquet of grammy’s favorite flowers and was wearing a beautiful red skirt. 

Apparently, people found it amusing and could not keep it to themselves. Some came up with sarcastic appreciation, and others stuck to laughing. 
But Berry came and stood there among others as if he was immune to all judging and laughing.

I know this seems stupid or some sort of prank or joke when a man comes dressed as a girl to someone’s funeral, but trust me, this was neither. 

I still remember that Berry used to visit the grammy’s house every year during his summer vacation. We used to play together. But when we were tired of playing, eating, and sleeping, we would start messing with grammy.

Photo by Besnopile on Pixabay

Instead of getting angry, she would say, “Boys, I have something for you.” and then she would take out those beautiful girly dresses she had. I can’t emphasize how much she loved dressing Berry and me as girls. 

I think that day when Berry came dressed as a girl; it was his way of saying goodbye to grammy. His way of displaying how much she had affected his life and how much he would miss her. 

I found it beautiful that Berry did not come that day just because he had to. In fact, he came there because he had lost someone close to his heart.

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