My Friend’s Marriage

My Friend's Marriage

Last year, my best friend got married. What was supposed to be the happiest day of her life was actually the most unbearable day of her life. Her father, whom she loved very much, had sacrificed his life serving the nation just a month back. This news had broken her completely.

On the day of her marriage, too, she was missing her father and crying inconsolably. Only family and friends were invited to the wedding.

Not only she but everyone did the rituals half-heartedly. Behind the fake smiles of guests were hiding tears.

My Friend's Marriage

Just then came 40 officers in their uniforms and asked for my friend. I did not know if they were invited or not, but still, I led all of them to my friend’s room. My friend was equally surprised to see them.

One of them came forward and said, “Your father served in our battalion along with us. He used to tell us about you and told us when your marriage was fixed. Words can not express how much he was happy and looking forward to this day. But he had vowed to serve the nation till his last breath, and when the duty called, he did not hesitate for once.” The tears which my friend was holding back, starting pouring from her eyes.

The officer continued, “We know it was meant to be the proudest and happiest day of his life. But he is not with us today. That’s why we are here. We know we can’t make you feel as the presence of your father would have, but we still want to be a part of your special day on behalf of our slain brother and a loving father.”

Everyone in the room had moist eyes by this time. I was crying too. My friend nodded in a yes while still crying and hugged one of the officers. They were part of everything that happened afterwards. In fact, all forty of them escorted her to the stage too.

It was so heartwarming to see them perform all the rituals together, which were supposed to be performed by the bride’s father.

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