God is Always Watching


One day a mother saw her five-year-old son taking some cookies without asking her first. She wanted him to teach an important lesson.

So she came up with an idea and said to her son, “Do you remember last Sunday when we went to the church what the father told us about God?”

The boy replied innocently, “Yes, he said that God is always watching us.”
She said, “You took the cookies without asking. Did it occur to you that God was watching you.”
He replied, “Yes.”
The mother, “Oh? And you still took the cookies? What would he think about you.”

He replied, “God told me not to worry. He said that he had looked around, and nobody was watching us. So while we had an opportunity, he asked me to take two cookies for him too.”
The mother could not stop her smile and caressed her son’s cheek.

Never let innocence fade away from your life. Among many other blessings, it holds a significant place.

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