On an ordinary evening, Santa came out of his office building after completing his shift. His home was just at a 10-minute walking distance from his office. And on most days, Santa preferred to walk to the office as well as back home as well as instead of driving.

This day, too, he was on his way home.

He was exhausted and somewhat unconscious of his surroundings. Just then, he heard a voice, “Freeze!”

Santa stopped right then and there. As soon as he stopped walking, a brick fell on the ground just three inches ahead of Santa.

Santa immediately understood that someone had signalled him; otherwise, the brick would have hit him.

He looked up to find the person who saved his life. But to Santa’s surprise, he found no one.

He sighed and started walking again. After two or three minutes, when he was about to cross a road, he heard the same voice again, “Freeze!”

Santa stopped walking as soon as he heard the same voice.

After 30 seconds, a truck came careening around the corner. If Santa had taken the next step, it would also have been his last.

Santa was baffled. He looked around, but there was no one on the road except him.

Santa felt a wave of gratitude. He knew that someone had saved his life. Santa shouted, “Who are you? Reveal yourself. I want to thank you for saving my life.”

Though no one appeared, a reply came in the same voice, “I am your guardian angel.”

Instead of being thankful, Santa got infuriated after hearing this.

Full of rage, Santa shouted again, “My guardian angel? You have a lot to answer for. If you really care for me that much, tell me where you were when I got married?”

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