Carrying Weight

Photo by Richard Benning on ArtStation

Once a monk was visiting a monastery. The monastery was on the top of a snow-clad mountain, surrounded by steep valleys.

Not that it was his first time, but the road one had to take to reach the monastery was quite challenging and treacherous. No one even should call those slippery slopes carved out of the mountain a “road.” All it took was a slip for anyone to fall to his death.

The monk had a bundle of clothes and some other essential items. He was tired partially due to climbing and partly due to the lack of oxygen. As the altitude increased, it became more difficult for the monk to climb with that bundle.

When he was only a few kilometers away from the monastery, he saw a teenage boy carrying his little sister on his back. Though the girl was hardly ten-years-old, she was relatively fat for her age. And to carry her on the back must have been quite tiring for the boy. The monk felt compassion for him and said, “She is a lucky girl to have a brother like you. But, son, why don’t you rest for some time. Since you are carrying so much weight, you must be tired by now.”

Photo by Quinten De Graaf on Unsplash

With an angry face, the boy replied, bitterly, “She is my little sister, not weight. I love her. You are carrying weight.” and carried on.

The monk was perplexed at the boy’s response. But for the rest of his journey, he had a subtle smile on his face.

How beautiful! It is almost surreal how love gives you the strength to walk on the most treacherous paths without complaining even once. Love indeed has powers to reduce any pain to near-nothingness.

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