An Insurance Agent and a Couple


I am an insurance agent. My work is to meet people and clear any doubt they have before they purchase the products that most appropriately meet their needs.

A couple of years ago, I’d gone to meet a client in his house. 

After a formal introduction, We sat down in his drawing-room. He offered me water to drink. He was an ordinary-looking man in his fifties.

While I was telling him the best policy options available, his wife came home frantically shouting over the phone. She slammed the door behind her and almost tripped over my suitcase in the drawing-room. She went straight to the kitchen.

Now from where I was sitting, I could easily hear and see whatever happened in the kitchen.

She put her phone on the kitchen slab and opened the fridge. Then trying hard not to sound angry or frustrated, she said, ” George, how many times do I have to tell you to put back the water bottles back in the fridge?”

“Poor man,” I thought as many similar instances flashed into my head.

I knew very well what was going to happen next. Any married man would agree that it was not a very pleasant situation.

“Excuse me, can you wait for 5 minutes?”, he said

” Yeah, sure,” I responded.

He went into the kitchen and hugged her tightly. He said while caressing her hair, “I missed you.” 

She leaned against his chest, loosening up herself, and said, ” I am hungry.”

He kissed her forehead and let her go. He then took out juice and food from the fridge.

Such an extraordinary gesture! 

I could see the tension melting away. It was the most romantic moment I had ever witnessed in my whole life.

What could be more romantic than comforting your partner in distress?

That day I got to know the secret of a happy married life.

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