An Innocent Prayer

An Innocent Prayer

Once a seven-year-old girl saw her grandfather with folded hands kneeling in front of an idol. She asked her grandmother about what was her grandpa doing? 
The grandmother replied, “Your grandpa is praying to God. He is praying for our safety and happiness. God is the most powerful as well as compassionate. When we pray from heart, he answers our prayers.”

The little girl sat beside his grandfather, folded her hands, held them near her heart, closed her eyes, and speak loudly, “Dear God, my grandma has pain in her knees. Can you please heal her? My brother lost his puppy last weak and missed him a lot. Can you please give him back? Grandpa and daddy fight sometimes, I don’t like it. Can you please make them love each other? Mummy and I are happy and safe. Thank You.” and opened her eyes.

Her grandparents were listening to all this and smiling at the innocence of the child. Suddenly the girl behaved as if she had forgotten something very important and shut her eyes instantly, “Also, I remembered that you do so much for everyone, I hope you are happy too. I pray that you are safe. You are so good and take care of everyone; I pray that you take care of yourself first. Thank You.” and opened her eyes.

Her grandparents were looking at her with an expressionless face
Say it the beauty of an innocent heart or anything else, but it is surprising that we only think for ourselves, but children think for everyone. With time, we accumulate so many desires that, when one fulfils, we have another ready to pray for. Don’t forget to thank God. Be grateful for what you have

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