An Alzheimer Patient

An Alzheimer Patient

I am a nurse in a hospital. People welcoming new little members in their families and saying goodbyes to the old ones is a common sight where I work. Perhaps that’s why I have accepted the beautiful and harsh realities of life as they are and seldom let myself get affected by the these.

But yesterday, when I went to check on an old lady, something unusual happened. A teenaged girl was sitting beside the bed and waiting for the patient to wake up with the patient’s hand in her hands.

But as soon as the patient woke up, the girl gently put down her hand. First, the old lady seemed confused by the presence of the girl, but then she smiled after a while. The girl was relieved and said, “I love you.”

The old lady replied with the same sweet smile, “I love you, too.”

The girl was almost in tears but also surprised, “Do you remember who I am?”

The old lady replied, “No.” pulled the girl near her, “I don’t remember your name and who you are. But I remember that I love You.” and kissed the girl on her forehead.

An Alzheimer Patient

Now let me tell you that the old lady is an Alzheimer patient.

It was so overwhelming to hear her saying, “But I remember that I love you.”

I had heard that love transcends all boundaries and stays you with forever. But I witnessed it with my own eyes yesterday. 

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