A Watermelon

A watermelon

Once a couple was on a road trip. The couple had stopped at a store to pick some food items for the journey.

The husband seemed hell-bent to buy the watermelon. The wife was not in favor, but the husband’s childlike stubbornness forced the wife to consider, “But tell me why do you want to buy it? You know it, and I know that we won’t be able to eat it. We are on a trip. Why don’t you understand?”

The husband replied, “It is just 10 bucks. Even if we aren’t able to eat it, we can still afford it.”

The wife replied, “It is not about the money.”

The husband asked, “Then what is the problem? It is just fruit.”

“It is about the efforts. The efforts, patience, and love it took to grow it. When you grow something, you understand the agony of wasting it.” said the wife.

The husband remembered that her wife belonged to a farmer family. He understood that who could better understand the pain of wasting something better than his wife. He put down the watermelon and walked to the other section of the store with his wife.

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