A tale of leaf

A tale of leaf

In a dense forest, there was a tree that bore beautiful flowers and fruits near a lake. People sat under the tree and thanked it for soothing shade. Visitors admired the beauty of the flowers that the tree bore and satisfied their hunger with delicious fruits.

One day a leaf thought that the tree, flowers, and fruits had a purpose except him. He felt that nobody ever noticed him, and if he is no more there, nobody would care.

That night a violent storm hit the forest, and the leaf along with flowers and fruits fell in the lake.

Still, cursing its meaningless existence, the leaf lay on the surface of the lake surrounded by the same flowers and fruits.

Just then, the leaf noticed that there was an ant who was hurt. He noticed that the ant was trying to get to the shore, but she had no energy left. Seeing the ant struggle for her life, the leaf forgot his muddle and floated up to the ant.

A tale of leaf

He said to the ant, “It seems you need help. Come on, get on me. I will take you to the shore.”

The ant gets on the leaf, and he took her to the shore safely. After reaching the shore, the ant thanked him for saving his life, “Thank you so much. If you had not helped me today, I don’t think I would make it to the shore. You have saved my life. Nobody offered me help except you. I will forever be indebted for your compassion and selfless nature.”

Tears started pouring out of leaf’s eyes after hearing this. He said, “I should be the one thanking you. You have saved my life too. I thought that I was of no use. I thought that my whole existence was meaningless. But today, you made me change my perspective. Thank You.”

Nothing is waste here on this earth. You may have a different purpose than the rest. But that is the perk of being unique.

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