A Pig and Sheep

Photo by Scarlet Ellis on Unsplash

Once a pig rumbled into a sheep barn. Soon, the shepherd discovered the presence of this unusual fellow.

“A healthy fat pig! It will make a nice dinner. How long has it been since I ate something nice and juicy! Oh, and I can even call my friends to join me in tonight’s feast.” Shepherd thought with a grin on his face.

 But little did the pig know about the shepherd’s presence and his plans.

When the pig was lost in daydreaming, the shepherd caught him. He held the pig with his hind legs and put him over his shoulder.

The pig started screaming and squealing. Pig’s squeals were sharp and unpleasant.

Some sheep were grazing on the green grass. They heard the pig’s squeals. One sheep said to the pig, “Why are you behaving so frantically? He often catches us, and we never behave so hysterically. You should be ashamed to make such a fuss out of this little thing.”

The pig replied, “You are a sheep. The shepherd catches you for your wool. When he catches you, you know that he will not harm you. But I am a pig, and I am certain that I will soon cease to exist.”

Another sheep said, “Sister, I think he is trying to instill fear in us. We should not care about the words of an outsider. This pig is just a weakling. Nothing else.” And the sheep went back to grazing.

No one knows what happened to that poor fellow that day. But that was the last day; the sheep saw the pig.

Photo by Gatis Murnieks on Unsplash

First, try to walk in the shoes of others, and only then can you judge them.

Don’t judge someone until and unless you face the same circumstance the other is facing. Everyone is fighting their battles.

Problems are often like icebergs. You only see the tip of it. But the person who is facing it knows the severity of the situation. So if you can’t be compassionate and supportive, then its better to keep quiet.

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