A man and a Sadhu

A man and a Sadhu

One day a man came to meet a Sadhu.

He told the Sadhu about the miserable life he was living, “I hardly earn enough to eat to my satisfaction. And this is my state when I work hard day and night. But now I am tired of living this pathetic life. I have realized I don’t want to live a long life, but I want to live a life where I am not worried about money, food, shelter, and such necessities of life. I have heard that God hears your prayers. Please, pray for me. Pray to God that whatever he has planned to give me in this whole lifetime, he gives it to me at one time.”

Sadhu has never heard such requests in the past. Moreover, he was worried because the Sadhu understood that the consequences would be far worse than the man could think of.

The Sadhu said, “Whatever God does is for good. What would you do when you would have spent all the money?”

But the man was determined and requested the Sadhu to pray for him.

At last, Sadhu agreed and prayed for the man.

A few years passed, and one day the Sadhu remember the man. He was sure that by this time the man must have spent all the money and must be living the same pathetic life. He still decided to check up on the man himself.

But to his surprise, the man was living a lavish life. Where used to be a hut now stood a palace-like building.

The Sadhu went inside the home and met the man and asked, “I thought you must be living a poor life as you would have spent all your money. How is it possible?”

The man replied, “I don’t know. After meeting you, one day I received a large amount of money. At that point, I understood that your prayer has worked. I knew that was all I would ever have. Afterwards, I spent many days just eating and sleeping. One day, when I felt completely satisfied, I asked myself what else I wanted to do with this money. The first thing that came to mind was to help people like me. So I did that. I spent all my money on providing a better source of income for the poor. I opened schools for poor children, hospitals for the ill, and orphanage and old homes for the homeless. I don’t have any logical answer to your question, but I think it is God. I think he is happy with me about something.”

The Sadhu said silently, “I think I know why God is happy with you.” and blessed the man.

What goes around, comes around. A selfless and compassionate life can make you rich in more than one way.

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