A Lesson in Archery

A Lesson in Archery

Once a Zen master gathered his disciples in the yard. He asked one of the disciples to blindfold him. The disciple did what the master had asked him.

It was the time for archery, and every disciple was thrilled to see that the master was going to teach them something unusual that day.

The master aimed and shot the arrow as everyone looked in wonder.

But to everyone’s utter disappointment, the arrow missed the target. The master uncovered his eyes and turned to face his disciples without even once looking at the target and asked, “So what you think?”

They were embarrassed, and no one knew how to tell the master that he had missed the target. One of them gathered some courage and said with hesitation, “Master, you missed the target.”

The Zen master replied, “Oh yes, I know that. Why is that shocking and embarrassing for you?”

The disciples looked at each and said, “We thought you were trying to teach us to hit the target without looking.”

The Zen master replied, “No my dear students,

I intended to teach you how stupid it is to aim for something without focus. If you don’t have a focus in your life, then leave alone an arrow; you can’t do anything right. And if you want to become successful, then you have to have all the focus on the target.”

A Lesson in Archery

The smile on the long faces of the disciples returned as they understood this crucial lesson.

Our lives are consistently shaped by focus and determination. If you are determined to achieve something and try for that with all your heart, sooner or later, you will get that in your life.

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