A Hunters’ Tale

A Hunters' Tale - Funny Stories

Once two best friends had a passion for hunting, so they never missed an opportunity to hone and don their hunting skills.

Like every year, that year too, the world’s biggest hunting game was being organized in South Africa. They rented a private airplane to fly them to Africa and back to their home, the same as last year.

They reached the venue on time. The game went on for a week, and in last, both of the friends emerged as the winners. Winners were allowed to keep their hunts as a trophy, which were two giant wild buffalos.

But when the pilot came to know that they were not flying alone but will get on the plane with their prized possessions, he refused to fly the aircraft. He said, “Sir, this plane is not suitable to carry this much weight. It can only carry one of your buffalos at most. One of you has to leave your buffalo here only.”

“What are you talking about? Last year, the pilot faced no such problem.” They said in a complaining tone.

“If you say so. If the other pilot faced no problem, then I guess I can also do that.” The pilot agreed.

They all got on that tiny plane, three men and two wild buffalos.

But as the pilot suggested, the plane could not reach the required height because of the extra weight. And because the plane could not reach a required height, it crashed near a hill after struggling to fly for some time.

The hunters came out of the crashed plane. One of them asked, “Do you have any idea where we are?”

The other looked around and said, “I think, We are quite close to the place where we crashed last time.”

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