A Frog in Hot Water


Many centuries ago, from now, a frog fell in a big pot full of water. This pot was on a burning stove. When the frog fell in the water, the water temperature was average. Because the water temperature was normal, being an amphibian, the water itself was not an issue for the frog. So it made no effort to jump out of the pot.

But gradually, the water temperature started rising.

Very few people are aware of it, but a frog can adjust its body temperature according to the outside temperature. This frog also did the same. Changing his body temperature seemed a better idea than jumping out of the water.

But at the same time, it is also true that a frog can change its body temperature up to a limit only.

Soon the temperature rose to the boiling point. It was way too much for the frog to handle.

As he could not adjust his temperature anymore, jumping out of that boiling water was the only way for the frog to survive.

He tried to jump, but it was too late. The temperature was so high that the frog could not make it out of the water alive.

And this was how the boiling hot water killed a frog. Wait! What? 

Was boiling water the one that should get the blame for the death of the frog?

What do you think?

We are this frog and the hot water in our stories are situations and circumstances in our lives. Though no one can fully control these outside factors, to blame the boiling water for the death of the frog doesn’t sound too childish.

Same as we blame the circumstances.

Now the frog could have jumped out of the water when he still had time.

But many of us may think that he was not a human being. He didn’t possess the same analytical attributes that we humans possess.

Yes, it is true.

The frog could not decide to jump out of the water at the right time.

But we humans can.

We should learn to jump out of the situations that could turn toxic or unfavourable later. So instead of blaming life all the time, let’s start taking this as a responsibility. Let’s jump out of these potential toxic situations as well as relationships before it is too late.

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