A Flower Boy

A few years back, my niece- Sansa, was diagnosed with leukemia. At that time, she was 12 years old. And just like any 12-year old teenager, she knew nothing about the disease which was going to change her life.

The doctors explained to her about the condition and, with her permission, started the treatment.

Sansa proved to be a warrior. She underwent every chemo bravely. One intense chemo session after another took a toll on her health. But Sansa stood her ground and never let out a hint of fear or giving up on her face.

Until the day, her hair started falling off because of chemo. Though she knew about this balding part also, I guess deep down; she prayed for it to not happen to her.

The day her last patch of hair came out, she could not take it anymore and gave in.

She cried and cried for the next whole week. A girl fighting against all the odds so bravely until this time suddenly shut herself from everyone. She stopped coming out of her room and talking to people.

I could not see this brave soul giving up like this. But also, I could not think of even a single thing that could uplift her mood.

Nevertheless, one morning, I ordered her favorite flowers.

To my surprise, I heard the giggling sound from her room after some time. I could not believe it.

Had this bouquet done some kind of magic and given her hair back or what?

I went to her room to find out that she still did not have hair. But there was some other reason behind her giggles.

It was a note.

On it was written, “Dear Sansa, You are a brave soul. Keep fighting. I, too, had leukemia when I was six years old. And guess what? I also had lost all my hair due to the therapy. But here is a photo of my head which I clicked this morning.” and with the note was a photo of a flower boy who had a full head of hair.

After reading this note, I was in tears.

Friends, these little acts of kindness are nothing less than magic. If you can be the reason for a smile, then don’t hold back.

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