A Flower Boy and His Mother

A Flower Boy and His Mother

Logan got out of his office a little earlier than his office timings. Today was his mother’s birthday and he had planned to spend the evening with his mother.
Logan rushed to the bakery and ordered her favourite cake there. After picking the cake when he came out of the bakery, Logan saw a little boy selling flowers near the corner.

He knew how much his mother loved flowers. Logan went to the little boy and asked the price of the flowers.

The boy was about ten years old and alone. He looked at Logan, and after thinking for a moment, he replied, “15 bucks for one flower.”

Logan smiled and said, “You know what? I have a deal for you. I will buy all of the flowers for ten bucks each.”

The boy again thought for a moment as if he was doing some calculations in his mind and then said, “Alright. I will give all these for ten bucks each.”

Logan took out his wallet, but before he could give the money to the little boy, little boy’s mother came and interfered. As soon as she discovered that Logan was buying those flowers for ten bucks, she said in a stern voice, “Sir, the price for one flower is 15 bucks. If you want to buy them, you will have to pay the full amount.”

A Flower Boy and His Mother

She seemed determined, but Logan knew that the price she was asking for the flowers was a little high. So he replied, “But your son agreed to sell them for ten bucks.”

As she heard it, she looked at her son, and the boy nodded in a yes. To Logan’s surprise, the mother instantly agreed to sell the flowers for ten bucks and replied, “If my son said ten bucks for a flower, then it is ten bucks for a flower. Whatever he says is the right price for the flowers.”

Logan took the flowers and rushed to his car. But to his mother’s home, he thought about the little flower boy and his mother. Logan had been working now for more than five years. He understood the importance of self-esteem and decision making while you deal with the leaders as well as the public. Though it was quite subtle, what the mom did was the first and the most crucial step towards building that self-esteem and empowering her child’s decision-making. Logan was impressed that what he learned at his management school, the mother was teaching her son on the road.

Trust your child. Teach him to negotiate and trust his instincts. Teach him about the consequences of actions and decisions. Once he has adequate knowledge about all this, let him make his decisions. You can not lead him all his life. By letting him know that you trust his intelligence, you are actually empowering him. All this will help him in the later years of his personal and professional life.

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