A Farmer and His Son

A Farmer and His Son

I live in a small town in north India. Adjacent to my house lives a farmer with his son and wife. I have known them since I was a child.

Despite working day and night, the father could hardly provide for the family. But still, he got admitted his son in the best school in the town. The son, very early in his life, decided to become an IAS officer. Though the farmer being a typical Indian father never showed any affection towards the son but still supported him in all his endeavours. He even took loans for his son’s higher education and coaching. They, as a family, had days when there was nothing to eat at home, but there never came a time when the son did not have money to buy books.

The time came when the son reached the eligible age to give the exam. He studied hard day in day out. Everyone in my society got to know about his exam and had high hopes as everyone knew that he was a good student. But he failed. Nevertheless, he decided to give one more try, and the father supported him this time too. Unfortunately, he failed again.In our small society, as people are closely connected, we found out that the farmer had pledged his house to provide his son best coaching for the third attempt. Everyone told him that it was a bad idea, and his son should get some private-sector job instead, as it was time he understood his responsibility.

The father did not listen to anyone and did what he thought was right. The day of the result came, and there was nowhere the name of the son in the list of selected candidates. At this point, everyone thought that this failure would knock some sense in the father and son, and they would get over their madness of splurging the leftover resources. But on the contrary, the son gave the exam the fourth time and failed.

By this time, everyone had lost their interests and thought that the father-son duo was making a big mistake.  

A Farmer and His Son

Yesterday night, I heard some voices coming from their house. Just to check if everything was alright, I ran inside and found the father kneeling on the floor crying. The son was also there with eyes full of tears and a paper in his hands, trying to calm his father. The mother came running from the kitchen with a glass of water, tears overflowing from her eyes too. I was scared to see all this. I had never seen the father displaying any emotion, let alone crying. On inquiring, the father replied with teary eyes, “My son cleared the exam. He will be an officer, and I will be a father of an officer.” and hugged his son tightly, still crying and blessing him for making him a proud father.

I have heard and read many stories of struggle and victory, but I was feeling overwhelmed by being a witness to one. I felt a lump in my throat and moisture in my eyes. Many other neighbours had also come by now and were congratulating the family.

All of this was really heart touching. But at the same time, I learned that good thing take time. That you have to be resilient and patient if you want to achieve big in life. You have to believe in yourself even when everyone else starts recommending you otherwise.

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