A Farmer and his friend

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Once a rich man was going to meet his friend. Ten years ago, his friend had shifted to another part of the country away from the chaos and clutter of city life, which was the last time they saw each other. And now, after ten years, he suddenly made his mind to surprise his old friend.

But the road which led to the house of his friend passed through a hinterland. The trail had pits of the size of a tub. And as it rained this morning itself, those pits were overflowing with rainwater and mud.

As luck would have it, his car got stuck in of those pits. After trying for 10 minutes, he concluded that he needed help and hence got out of the vehicle. Fortunately, he saw a farmer nearby. The rich man ran to the farmer and asked for his help.

The farmer had a bull, but the problem was that he was quite old. Still, the farmer agreed to help and said, “I think, my mate Jack can do it.” and patted the bull.

The rich man was quite suspicious if the old Jack could help! Nevertheless, he kept quiet because he had no other option.

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The farmer tied the bull to the car and started shouting, “Simba, pull now! Duke pull now! Simba, Duke, and Jack, you can do it. Just a little more.” and soon, the tires were out of the mud.

The rich man was very perplexed as well as happy. He said to the farmer, “Thank you so much, my friend. But something is bugging me. If you don’t mind, can you explain why you were shouting the other two names? You have only one bull. But you shouted names of three bulls. Why?”

The farmer explained, “See, my pal Jack is blind and old. Because he can’t see, he trusts whatever I tell him. And I think it gives him extra strength when he hears that he is not alone.”

So is the case with us human beings. As H.E.Luccock rightly said, “No one can whistle a symphony alone. It takes an orchestra to play it.” The moment we think that we are not alone, it gives us hope and confidence.

Especially in trying times the world is facing today, let us promise each other to stand united and strong.

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