A Boy Who Can’t See

Once in a farmer’s family, a boy was born. But soon after the birth, the parents found out that the boy was blind. The parents were loving and did what could be done in their capacity to make their son’s life better.

One day, while working on the farms with the blind son, the father realized that farming is not the right occupation for his son. Even though there were no schools nearby, the father went through all the trouble to admit his son to a school located in another village. The boy proved to be excellent in the studies and excelled fast.

He had a keen interest in science, but he was denied admission in the science stream just because he was blind. But he was determined to pursue his dreams and filed a case in the court. After the wait of 6 months, the judgment was passed in his favour, and the court allowed him to study science.
Despite many adversities, the boy passed the school with the highest score and with a dream to get admission in IIT- the most prestigious engineering institute of the country.

But once again, his admission was rejected by the IIT joint admission board on the excuse that they can’t give the ticket to a blind boy.
Guess what? Instead of giving up and blaming the circumstances, the boy applied for institutes, which had a better ranking than IIT. His efforts paid off, and he became the first international blind student in Brain and Cognitive Science and Business at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A Boy Who Can't See

This is a true story, and the boy’s name is Srikanth Bolla. Srikanth later became an entrepreneur and started the Bolla industries. He has lead the second National Youth Movement started by former president A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Srikanth is also actively working to uplift the poor section of the society.

Whenever I am feeling demotivated or feeling like I am good for nothing, I always read Srikanth Bolla’s life story. He is a world icon who has defeated not only physical disability but the challenges thrown by our society and system in his path to stop him fulfil his dream. But he never stopped. He never complained. He fought for his dreams and is now running a million dollars company that is run by 100s of differently-abled employees. Reading his lofe story makes me realize that when he transformed every obstacle into a staircase, why can’t I?
I hope this will give you strength in the trying times.

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